Frequently asked questions

When and where is worship?

Redeemer meets for Sunday School and worship in the heart of downtown Brunswick at 1812 Ellis Street 31520 Sunday School: 9:30 Worship: 10:30 Evening Worship: 5:00

How should I dress?

As you like. Most wear casual slacks and a shirt. Others jeans and a shirt. Others a coat and tie.

What is "Family Based Worship"?

At Redeemer non-infant children worship together with their parents in "Big Church." Adults are patient and gracious as our young covenant children are learning. The children benefit from seeing adults worshipping and being a part of it as well as from hearing the preached Word. At home their parents can discuss the sermon with them as well as answer questions and instruct them further.

How do I plug-in at Redeemer?

There are a number of ways you can get involved. Men's group does things like kayaking, shooting sports, camping, sporting events, steak dinner night and study God's Word together. Women's group shares meals together, host fellowship events, share recreation time together and hold Bible studies. On Mondays a group goes to the local hospital to visit, pray for and read Scripture with patients. We are involved in evangelism and outdoor preaching in our community. We enjoy a fellowship meal together every third Sunday of the month. Contact Rev. Shaw (205) 451-5433 for more information.